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Films will screen on Super Channel with Q&A to follow.

9:00 pm (repeats at 12:00 am) ANYTHING FOR JACKSON (Dir. Justin G. Dyck) (102 mins)

Dr. Henry Walsh (Julian Richings, Ejecta) and his wife, Audrey (Sheila McCarthy, I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing) are still grief stricken over the loss of their grandson, Jackson, in a car accident two years earlier. They would do anything to have him back including an incredible plan that includes kidnapping one of Henry’s pregnant patients and a ritual that works as a ‘reverse exorcism’. Keith Cooper’s script and the lead performances play it straight for this haunting tale of good people driven to do a horrible thing and facing the consequences.

Opening with the short film THE PURGAMENTUM (Dir. Julie Bruns, Steven Kammerer, Shawn Major) (5:01 mins)


9:00 pm (repeats at 12:00 am) SHALL WE PLAY (Dir. Ann Forry) (87 mins)

Stacy is a troubled teen who is dealing with a situation among her circle of friends that starts with peer pressure and develops into full-on bullying. To make things worse, Stacy’s dalliance with the sinister app Shall We Play? has invited supernatural forces into her life and mind. Ann Forry’s debut film proves that some games should not be tampered with and some doors should be left unopened.

Opening with the short film CLOUT (Dir. Ariel Hansen) (15:29 mins)


7:00 pm (repeats at 2:00 am) BLEED WITH ME (Dir. Amelia Moses) (80 mins)

Rowan (Lee Marshall) and Emily (Lauren Beatty, also in this fest’s Bloodthirsty) are best friends at work who seek to bond at a wintery weekend away at Emily’s cottage with Emily’s boyfriend, Branden, in tow. As the weekend unfolds, Rowan’s social anxieties take hold but more immediately worrying is that Rowan believes an unseen figure is taking her blood as she sleeps. As Rowan tries to get to the bottom of this, a battle of wills ensues between Rowan and Emily and Rowan’s grip on reality loosens. In her debut film, director/writer Ameilia Moses has created a tense chamber piece of paranoia and personal ghosts played out within a friendship.

Opening with the short film WE CAME FROM THE SEA (Dir. Jeremy Lutter) (15:00 mins)

9:00 pm (repeats at 12:00 am) HALL (Dir. Francesco Giannini) (85 mins)

Val (Caroline Bartczak, White Lie) and Brendan (Mark Gibson, Exit Humanity) are in a troubled marriage. On this night, they are taking their daughter, Kelly, to a Montreal hotel for a fun weekend stay as a pandemic starts to spread across the city. What they don’t know is that the virus renders its victims rabid and very aggressive. Once staying with her husband becomes problematic, Val must navigate herself and her daughter across a hallway literally crawling with these blistering infected creatures to get to safety. Director/co-writer Francesco Giannini has taken this usually apocalyptic genre and focussed on the micro to create a taut pressure-cooker of a film.

Opening with the short film A DINNER PARTY (Dir. Michèle Kaye) (11:58 mins)


7:00 pm (repeats at 2:00 am) HAIL TO THE DEADITES (Dir. Steve Villeneuve) (75 mins)

In the fall of 1979, 20-year old director Sam Raimi and a group of his friends trudged out to a small cabin in the woods in the middle of Tennessee. Armed with their resources and imagination, they created one of the biggest cult films of all time, The Evil Dead. Steve Villeneuve’s documentary is a love letter to horror films in general and Evil Dead fans in particular. Through their love for this film, fans have bonded, communities have formed and special connections have been made. The film’s interviews include fans, film journalists, cast members and The Chin himself, --Mr. Bruce Campbell!!

Opening with the short film LANDGRAVES (Dir. Jean-François Leblanc) (22:30 mins)

9:00 pm (repeats at 12:00 am) FOR THE SAKE OF VICIOUS (Dir. Gabriel Carrer, Reese Eveneshen) (81 mins)

Romina (Lora Burke, Lifechanger, Poor Agnes) is a hard-working nurse and single mother who arrives to her home on Halloween night to find an enraged intruder, Chris (Nick Smyth, Late Night Double Feature) and his hostage, Alan (Colin Paradine, Defective). Chris claims that Alan did something unspeakable to his family and demands justice. Before they can figure out the truth, the house is beset by an army of helmet-wearing attackers. In their salute to siege films, co-directors Gabriel Carrer (The Demolisher) and Reese Eveneshen (Defective) have made a movie of intense emotion, jaw-dropping fight sequences and pulsating violence that will leave you shaken and thrilled.

Opening with the short film ATTACK OF THE KILLER SCARECROW (Dir. Octavian Kaul) (11:13 mins)


7:00 pm (repeats at 2:00 am) A SERIES OF WEB BITES - WEB SERIES (87 mins)

A feature length program of highlights of the best Canadian horror and sci-fi digital programming.

THE FOREST (Dir. Éric Falardeau) (5:10 mins) music video
ALL THE RIGHT THINGS IN THE RIGHT PLACES (Dir. Peter Sacco) (3:48 mins) music video
PALLIDUS (Dir. Chelsea Jade McEvoy) (15:00 mins) web series
ESLUNA: THE FIRST MONOLITH (Dir. Denver Jackson) (9:43 mins) web series
ZAHARA (Dir. Katarzyna Kochany) (9:04 mins) web series
AGE OF THE LIVING DEAD (Dir. Paul Tanter) (45:00 mins) TV series

9:00 pm (repeats at 12:00 am) DARK VISIONS (92 mins)

A feature length program of our darkest, creepiest and weirdest films at Blood in the Snow.

THE VISITOR (Dir. Keith Robertson) (1:00 min)
DAY BREAK (Dir. Louisa Phung) (1:00 min)
MAMA'S HOME (Dir. Robert Cuffley) (3:00 mins)
TRIM (Dir. Mayumi Yoshida) (5:02 mins)
WEIRDO (Dir. Ashlea Wessel) (7:30 mins)
MISHA (Dir. Andrew Jeffrey) (8:15 mins)
MORBUS (Dir. Kerim Banka) (9:38 mins)
UNBORN (Dir. Keith Robertson) (8:00 mins)
EXPECTING (Dir. Ryan Couldrey) (7:30 mins)
FROM THE DARK (Dir. Matthew Van Ginkel) (5:40 mins)
MOURN (Dir. Joanna Tsanis) (11:03 mins)
FADE (Dirs. Jamie Knox, Chris Whelan) (9:10 mins)
SANG JAUNE (YELLOW BLOOD) (Dir. Julie Roy) (6:14 mins)
DAMA BRANCA (Dir. Panta Mosleh) (4:45 mins)
ESCAPE THE NIGHT (Dirs. Alex Lee Williams, Jay Drackulic) (5:46 mins)


9:00 pm (repeats at 12:00 am) FUNNY FRIGHTS (99 mins)

A feature length program of our horror comedy shorts and generally things on the lighter side of death!

EAT YOUR CARROTS (Dir. Jack Penney) (4:26 mins)
FROSTBITTEN (Dirs. Kaw Tay Whee School Students) (4:50 mins)
THE SEANCE (Dirs. Robin Goodfellow, Rigby Wolfe, Scotty Floronic) (1:41 mins)
AN IMPOSTER (Dir. Tyler A. Williams) (3:15 mins)
CREAT(E)URE (Dir. Zane Rubin) (3:00 mins)
SOUL CONTACT (Dir. Justin McConnell) (4:59 mins)
TOTO (Dir. Marco Baldonado) (13:00 mins)
KITTY'S NAUGHTY KNICKERS (Dir. Caitlyn Sponheimer) (12:35 mins)
DON'T TEXT BACK! (Dir. Kaye Adelaide, Mariel Sharp) (14:30 mins)
THE PROBLEM WITH LADY WEREWOLVES (Dir. Chris Ross) (13:27 mins)
THE GREATEST HORROR MOVIE EVER MADE (Dir. Brandon Jordan) (13:00 mins)
THE BALLAD OF SHARKASAURUS (Dirs. Spencer Estabrooks) (12:00 mins)


9:00 pm (repeats at 12:00 am) EMERGING SCREAMS (92 mins)

A feature length program of new or first time Canadian genre directors.

THE LETTING GO (Dir. Nick Kewin) (9:55 mins)
REWIND (Dir. Hugo Chetelat) (7:36 mins)
INNOCENCE (Dir. Olympia Okonmah) (7:37 mins)
DOWN DELORO RIVER (Dir. Josh Wood) (12:39 mins)
GREENWOOD (Dir. Benjamin McGregor) (4:39 mins)
THE DOOR DOWN THE HALL (Dir. Christian Vetrone) (6:53 mins)
TOO LATE (Dir. Roy Stein) (5:04 mins)
ACROSS THE BRIDGE (Dir. Alisha Steinberger, Chao Goody Wu) (5:06 mins)
WIIDZA (Dir. Kaw Tay Whee School Students) (5:00 mins)
WHAT THE SPELL? (Dir. Krsy Fox) (14:39 mins)
ON THE WATER (Dir. Karis Malszecki) (15:00 mins)


9:00 pm (repeats at 12:00 am) BLOODTHIRSTY (Dir. Amelia Moses) (81 mins)

Director Amelia Moses tells story of Grey (Lauren Beatty, also in Bleed With Me), a singer-songwriter who chooses to record her next album at the remote studio of the infamous producer, Vaughn (Greg Bryk, also in this year’s Parallel Minds). Vaughn is brilliant and charismatic but also mysterious. Meanwhile, Grey finds herself haunted by visions of becoming some sort of vicious animal. She must find out if the monster is outside the cabin, in the studio or inside her own body.

Opening with the short film ENDGAME (Dir. Magalie De Genova) (11:38 mins)


9:00 pm (repeats at 12:00 am) THE RETURN (Dir. BJ Verot) (90 mins)

After the death of his father, Rodger (Richard Harmon, Puppet Killer) returns to the family home to set affairs in order. With his girlfriend and best friend in tow, Rodger begins to investigate the details of this family tragedy. He soon finds a malevolent force has been haunting his family for decades and it’s coming for him!

Opening with the short film SIGNAL (Dir. Sophie Wang) (9:51 mins)


9:00 pm (repeats at 12:00 am) PARALELL MINDS (Dir. Benjamin Ross Hayden) (86 mins)

In the near future, the company Red Eye uses artificial intelligence to create a contact lens that records sight and replaces memories. When the lead scientist is murdered in her lab, it’s up to her protege Margo (Tommie-Amber Pirie, TV’s Bitten) and a hard boiled detective (Greg Bryk, also in this fest’s Bloodthirsty) to find and stop the allusive and deadly shapeshifter. Like this year’s Blood Quantum, Parallel Minds inserts Indigenous themes and tropes to create an engaging and unique science fiction thriller!

Opening with the short film FREYA (Dir. Camille Hollett-French) (17:00 mins)


9:00 pm (repeats at 12:00 am) COME TRUE (Dir. Anthony Scott Burns) (104 mins)

Sarah (Julia Sarah Stone, The Unseen) is a teen who sleeps in fits and is haunted by vivid nightmares. She takes part in a sleep study group at a local university in order to cure her disorder. Instead, she is plunged into a disturbing reality that has Sarah questioning who she is and what is happening to her. With a magnetic performance from Ms. Stone, fantastical cinematography and an ethereal pop score, Come True is a powerful examination of the power of dreams that will have you thinking and talking long after it is over.

Opening with the short film INGREDIENTS (Dir. Hannah Michielson) (23:00 mins)

11:30 pm (repeats at 2:30am) THE BLOODIES AWARDS Join us following the film for our annual awards show! (30 mins)


It’s time to celebrate the 2020 Blood in the Snow Film Festival Awards better known as “The Bloodies.”

Here are this year’s nominees:

Best Editing:
Come True (Anthony Scott Burns), Hail to the Deadites (Steve Villeneuve), Hall (Lucas Villegas)

Best Ensemble:
Anything for Jackson, For the Sake of Vicious, Hall

Best Actress:
Lora Burke (For The Sake of Vicious), Sheila McCarthy (Anything For Jackson), Julia Sarah Stone (Come True)

Best Actor:
Greg Bryk (Bloodthirsty), Julian Richings (Anything For Jackson), Nick Smyth (For the Sake of Vicious)

Best Screenplay:
Come True (Anthony Scott Burns), Rewind/ Rembobine (Hugo Chetelat), Hall (Derrick Adams, Adam Kolodny)

Best Poster:
Clout, Fade, Hail to the Deadites

Ryan Nicholson Special Makeup Effects Award:
Come True (Boriana Karan), For the Sake of Vicious (Dera Veinot/The Butcher Shop), Hall (Rémy Couture)

Best Cinematography:
Come True (Anthony Scott Burns), Freya (Alfonso Chin), Parallel Minds (Jeff Maher)

Best Music Score:
Come True (Anthony Scott Burns), For the Sake of Vicious (Gabriel Carrer, Foxgrndr), Rewind/ Rembobine (Cédric Martel)

Best Director:
Anthony Scott Burns (Come True), Francesco Giannini (Hall), Amelia Moses (Bloodthirsty)

Best Digital Series:
All The Wrong things in the Right Places, Eslura: The First Monolith, Zahara - the Return

Best Short Film:
Freya, Rewind/ Rembobine, Mourn, Toto

Best Feature Film:
Anything for Jackson, Come True, Parallel Minds

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Please join us again for our 2020 Deadly Exposure industry events at Blood in the Snow. Due to COVID-19 we will be hosting all our events on-line this year from November 4-7. You will need to fill out this Application Form along with Order Payment to be approved.

All passes will include a full delegate contact list (in excel) that will include panelists and attendees. Login info will be sent out to delegates shortly.


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12:00 pm to 1:30 pm - Panel #1 - PRODUCTION IN THE AGE OF COVID-19

This panel will focus on strategies for how productions will have to adjust their schedules and adapt safety measures to shoot safely in 2021, in the age of COVID-19.

Panelists include:

Annie Bradley (Director/ Chair of the DGC)
David M. James (Producer)
Navin Ramaswaran (Director)
Stephanie Herrera (Actor / Marquee Insurance)

Moderated by Kelly Michael Stewart (Festival Director/Producer)

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3:00 pm to 4:30 pm - Panel #2 - DISTRIBUTION IN THE AGE OF COVID-19

The distribution model for films has been changing rapidly over the past decade and now with COVID-19 it has sped up many of those changes even further. We will speak with leading distributors and sales agents about the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Panelists include:

Amanda Gauvin, Manager of Distribution (LevelFILM)
James Fler, Managing Partner (Raven Banner)

Samantha Richardson, President (Devilworks)
Matteo Rolleri, Head of Distribution (Devilworks).

Moderated by Mariam Bastani (Writer/Filmmaker)


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12:00 pm to 1:30 pm - Panel #3 - MEET THE FESTIVALS

Meet the Festival Directors and programmers of some of the leading film festivals in the world. Find out strategies for your film and details on how the landscape will be changing in the coming years.

Panelists include:

John Allison, Festival Director (Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival)
Bears Rebecca Fonte (Other Worlds Austin / Film Festival Consultant)
Peter Kuplowsky (Fantastic Fest / TIFF: Midnight Madness)
Brenda Lieberman (Calgary Underground Film Festival)

Moderated by Heidy Morales (Hye’s Musings)

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Horror has always had formulas: The white Final Girl, the “Magical” P.O.C., gender-confused killers, and the Black Guy who dies first. All of these tropes have endured over the years, with some filmmakers poking fun at them with the Scary Movie franchise, or scholars talking about their history in the Horror Noire documentary. How, in this world of bankable screenplays, can we change them? This panel is designed to dissect and rewrite these tropes, and how to approach BIPOC themes to abolish the fear of “the other” and represent BIPOC stories accurately within genre film.

Panelists include:

Robyn Citizen (TIFF Programmer)
Roger Boyer (BIPOC TV & Film)
Jerri Thrasher (Filmmaker and Blood in the Snow Programmer)

Moderated by Carolyn Mauricette (Blood in the Snow Development Director/Programmer)


2:00 pm to 5:00 pm - ONLINE POWER ROUND TABLES (SESSION 1)

Small groups will meet on-line in different (virtual) breakout rooms for 20 minute sessions over a three hour period. Session 1 will deal with funding bodies and related organizations.

Guests (subject to change) include:

Bell Media - Mitch Geddes, Coordinator, Original Programming, Drama & Comedy
Canadian Film Centre (CFC) | Nafisa Murji, Manager, Programs & Content
Canadian Film Centre (CFC) | Dena Razapoor, Assistant Manager, Programs & Content
Canada Media Fund (CMF) | Jill Samson, Deputy Director, Portfolio Management
Independent Production Fund (IPF) | Mark Shapland, Communications & Program Coordinator
NSI Canada | Chris Vajcner, Director, Partner Support
Ontario Creates | Karam Masri, Program Consultant
Telefilm Canada | Barbara Chirinos, Project Leader National Promotion - Western Region, Ontario and Nunavut
William F. White (Whites) | Greg Jeffs, Client Services Coordinator, Emerging Filmmakers/Digital Content

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2:00 pm to 5:00 pm - ONLINE POWER ROUND TABLES (SESSION 2)

Small groups will meet on-line in different (virtual) breakout rooms for 20 minute sessions over a three hour period. Session 2 will deal with distribution and sales agents.

Guests (subject to change) include:

Black Fawn Distribution | CF Benner, Sales Manager
CBC | Paige Murray, Development Manager, Comedy and Drama and Canadian Reflections Programmer
IndieCan Entertainment | Avi Federgreen, President
Raven Banner Entertainment | Anelle Dehghani, Physical Distribution and VOD Manager
Tello Films | MarieAnn O’Neill, Director of Acquisitions
Super Channel | Jackie Pardy, Chief Content Officer
Syndicado | Greg Rubidge, President & Founder
Vortex Media | Matt Orenstein, Vice President, Acquisitions and Strategy
Vortex Media | Courtney McAllister, Head of Development

Note: Attendance is mandatory for all 4 days along with filling out our exit survey when the event is over. If you are unable to attend all the days or if you have any questions please contact

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Norman McGlashan joins BITS Programming Team!

We are thrilled to to welcome Norman McGlashan as a new Programmer joining the Blood in the Snow team for our upcoming 2021 season. Norman is a cinephile and film writer from Toronto, who fell in love with the industry after discovering the Toronto International Film Festival in the early 2000's. He is the founder of Flick Hunter, a review website launched in 2012, and has covered hundreds of films and dozens of festivals including TIFF, Fantasia, Blood in the Snow Film Festival, ImagineNATIVE, Planet in Focus, and the European Union Toronto Film Festival. Norman is a well loved and established figure in the Toronto film scene.

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Carolyn Mauricette promoted to “Development Director”

We are thrilled to announce that our Programmer Carolyn Mauricette has been promoted to “Development Director.” She will be working with the Festival Director to help recruit new diverse team members in a variety of roles for Blood in the Snow. Carolyn will also be taking the lead on helping us implement a new mentorship program that will be introduced soon, which will take place during Deadly Exposure at BITS in 2021.

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Blood in the Snow Film Festival to air on Super Channel October 28 to November 7, 2020

Read More
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Jerri Thrasher joins BITS Programming Team!

We are thrilled to announce Jerri Thrasher has joined our programming team. Jerri will serve on the jury for the 2020 awards and then come on as a full programmer for the 2021 season. Jerri is an award winning Inuvialuit film director and television producer from the Northwest Territories of Canada

Read More
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Bloody BITS Volume 1 and 2

You can order both volumes of our BLOODY BITS DVDs, highlighting some of the best short films to play Blood in the Snow.


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BITS 2021 Recruitment

Do you have what it takes to join the Blood in the Snow crew? We are always looking for a variety of different skills. We value hard work, dedication, reliability and passion over experience. We want to hear from you! Please fill out the following form to tell us a little more about yourself.


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BITS Radio

Check out the latest episode of BITS Radio with host Robert Bellamy. BITS Radio # 33 - Festival Director Kelly Michael Stewart shares some information on what Blood in the Snow 2020 will be like.


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Northern Frights Newsletter

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The Blood in the Snow Film Festival is a unique and imaginative showcase of contemporary Canadian horror, genre and underground cinema that exists to challenge social boundaries, explore artistic taboos and support and exhibit independent Canadian genre media artists. BITS takes place in Toronto, Ontario and brings together audiences, media coverage, community partnerships and the filmmaking industry to exhibit and celebrate Canadian genre film. BITS began in 2012 and was registered as a not-for-profit in 2015.



BITS takes great pride in being a celebrated launching pad for Canada's top new genre films.
Here is what our past alumni have said about us:.